Aura Basilique-Notre-Dame

Produced by
Moment Factory
Senior Multimedia Designer
Basilique Notre Dame
Montreal, Canada

Aura - Basilique-Notre-Dame

Light, original orchestral scores, and grandiose architecture unite to create a multimedia show whose captivating energy takes visitors from floor to ceiling, and beyond. Our challenge was to create a show that is universal, that captivates, and inspires visitors from any background. Moreover, a show that highlights the Basilica’s many artworks and architecture, all while respecting the religious heritage and activity of the church.

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An immersive and epic show that stirs the soul with the universal power of multimedia.

The canvas, from a technical point of view, was our biggest challenge while creating the show, being the first example of such complex colour, texture, and scale, resulting in a video-mapping process done pixel by pixel.

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